Dissolvable stitch workshop

Dissolvable stitch is there a line layer of “fabric like” PVA glue is sewn onto then dissolved leaving just the stitch.

Using disovable stitch:

There are a number a different ways your can use dissolvable stitch, you can use it to create 3D shapes or as a lace for a decoration.

In order to create 3D shapes you sew your design/ pattern into the disovable material (usually with a darning foot on your sewing machine) once your design is finished dissolve the sheet of PVA in water and then once all the sheet has disappeared take your design out of the water and lay is over a 3D object, when dry the fabric will retain the shape of the piece you have placed the fabric over.

My use of dissolvable stitch

I started off by creating a basic flower pattern, above shows how i had to unpick my design as i had forgotten to put the foot down on my machine when sewing, this made for loose and messy stitching.

Once my design was finished Maggie said that my design wasn’t a good match for a 3D piece but instead i should embed it into another material creating a sort of lace effect

After stitching around my design on a piece of net like material i then cut the back from my design. once dissolved it made for a lovely piece however there were a few problems in some places i had not connected all the stitching which meant i had some “fly away” threads that did not maintain their shapes,, something which i can learn form next time.

Amanda McCavour https://canadianartjunkie.com/2012/07/25/amanda-mccavour-dissolving-fabric/

Is a dissolvable stitch artist her work is all about “the vulnerability of thread,  its ability to unravel, and its strength when it is sewn together.” She uses the dissolvable technique to create 3D spaces using 2d pieces she has created. Her work really comes together when it is displayed. One of my favourite pieces of hers is where she creates a space that looks like a wild flower field the pieces themselves are beautiful, but the way they’re displayed really brings them to life.

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